These shirts are custom made by a tailor in Ghana.  Shirts can be made to any style, short sleeve, long sleeved and any size with any African print accents.  If ordering, must include neck size, arm length and size (S up to 5X).   Please expect up to 4 weeks production turn around.

#03 Brown slop over shirt with african print design

  • When the need for new clothing arises in Ghana the person will do 2 things:

    First they will visit the market center, which in Accra vendors are selling everything that you would expect in a department store, hardware store and perhaps a grocery store combined. In this market, vendors sell an amazing selection of African fabrics. It is here that a selection will be made. 

    Secondly, the person takes the fabric to their local tailor; around town there are many who set up shop but the choice of the tailor is exceedingly important because their skills will determine the look and fit of the finished product. 

    I have learned the hard way that not everyone who says that they are a tailor is a skilled master and not someone who is still learning his or hers craft.  Kwasi was introduced to me by my business partner, Kofi- who is Ghanaian and knows firsthand the quality and expertise of his work. I will use no other!

    All work is custom made and once your order is placed it will take about 1 week for Kwashe to complete and about 10 shipping days to the US. A little inconvenient especially for us who are used to shopping and buying all in the same day. 

    Here’s what you must remember: the finished work is custom made to fit you and once your measurements are known it becomes just a phone call away to reorder. 

    We welcome your ideas. Many of the items online began their origin by googling men’s clothing with an African flair or with African styling. 

    All sizes are available: S  M  X  XL  2X  3X  4X  5X including tops and bottoms, shirts and pants. It’s your decision.  Visit the Ready-to-Wear Styles section for available selections in store.